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Leckey Squiggles Seating System by Ottobock

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Product Description

The Leckey Squiggles Seating System is designed for children from ages 6 months to 5 years to provide them with comfortable and supportive seating while enabling freedom to carry out their daily activities.
The focus is on simplicity, ease of use and convenience. All the Squiggles products are modular in construction, easy to use, light to carry and simple to store. Best of all, the child–not the equipment–gets the attention he or she deserves. This attractive lightweight seating system supports children in comfort as they carry out their daily activities and helps with their cognitive and postural development. It can be integrated with a variety of static and mobility-based options to provide a complete solution for posture, function and mobility.
Features include:
  • Covers in four popular colors that are removable for easy cleaning. 
  • A comfortable, contoured seat base, which allows freedom of movement.
  • A flexible sacral cushion, which can be shaped to follow the contours of the child’s back.  
  • A ramped seat base cushion that prevents the child from slipping forward into a sacral sitting posture.
  • Seat Base hip guides/support
  • Anatomically correct, height and angle adjustable backrest.
  • Height and angle adjustable footplate.
  • A choice of three base options offer varying degrees of height adjustment and tilt in space capability to suit individual user needs.  The lightweight and compact seat can be transferred in seconds from one base to another or removed for transportation and easy storage. The system can also interface with a variety of strollers, wheelchairs and powered mobility options.

Seat Cover Colors:


Optional Accessories:
leckey-hi-lo-chassis.jpgHi-Lo Chassis
leckey-easy-chassis.jpgEasy Chassis
leckey squiggles contoured headrest.jpgContoured Headrest
leckey squiggles G-flat-head-rest-200x200.jpgFlat Headrest
leckey squiggles lateral.jpgFlat Headrest with Laterals
leckey-pelvic-harness.jpgPelvic Harness
leckey squiggles sandals.jpgSandals
leckey squiggles small-trunk-harness-small-200x200.jpgTrunk Harness
leckey squiggles-footplate-200x200.jpgAdjustable Footrest
leckey squiggles flip away lateral supports.jpgFlipaway Laterals
leckey squiggles rigid lateral supports.jpgRigid Laterals
leckey-chest-support-harness.jpgChest Support Harness
leckey squiggles Tray-larege-200x200.jpgTray
leckey squiggles SQ-Seat-Padded-Tray-Insert08-PS2-200x200.jpgPadded Tray Insert
leckey squiggles -seat-tray-200x200.jpgGrab Rail for Tray
leckey squiggles shoulder support assembly.jpgShoulder Support
leckey squiggles long-sitter-200x200.jpgLong Sitting Extension

Product Videos

Introduction to the Leckey Squiggles Seat 11:08

Learn how to best utilize the Leckey Squiggles Seat to provide optimal positioning for kids who need extra support. It grows with your child, and fits multiple mobility bases (or wheels)!

  • Introduction t...
    Learn how to best utilize the Leckey Squiggles Seat to provide...


Age: 1 - 5 years
User Height: 29.5" - 43.3"
User Weight, Max.: 48.8 lbs.
Seat Depth: 7.5" - 11.4"
Seat Width: 8.3" - 11"
Back Height: 12.6" - 15"
Back Height with Shoulder Support: 16.5" - 18.9
Chest Width: 6.3" - 8.75"
Lower Leg Length: 12 - 27 cm
Table Height to Seat: 4.5" - 6.7"
Seat Height (Hi-Low Base): 10" - 25"
Back Angle: -10° - +25°
Seat Angle Hi-Low Base: -10° - +30°
Foot Angle: +/- 10°
Seat to Footplate: 4.8" - 10.6"
Weight Seat Shell: 13.2 lbs.
Weight Hi-Low Base: 19.8 lbs.

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